The World

Will make you feel guilty for being sick

the world will make you feel guilty about not graduating

from college

the world will make you feel guilty for living with your parents

the world will make you feel guilt for not being good enough

the world will infect you like the flu virus

the world tells the masses to do the same thing

the world hides things from you

the world is not pure

and when I talk about the world,  I’m talking about

People of course

bullshit popular culture

it’s hard for me to relate to 90 percent of people

people call me artist type

whatever that means

but I don’t relate to the world and all its human

serpents in various forms

the world the world

the world

Forgetting Time

Wooden hourglass 3.jpg

This day went by

didn’t have to wake up a 6am

like i do Monday to Friday

i loved that

I woke up at 11am

loved that

I let this Saturday wash over me

it was such a dumb day of looking at

my phone and watching tv,

and eating Chinese food

nothing got accomplished

I’m not proud of this day

sitting on my ass and doing

the dumbest shit, watching the dumbest shit

I should be out hustling like the hustlers say

what’s wrong with me?

Buddhist Monk

File:Lama in the Gandan Monastery in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, 1981.jpg

I look at picture of a Buddhist monk,

he’s my friend’s brother,

he kinda looks a Henry Miller or rather

the Dali Lama,

Kind strong face, strong kind face

it’s like that

I don’t know if he’s ugly or good looking

it don’t matter

I would like to talk to this man

see, before I saw this guy,  i was writing

at Starbucks, and these girls behind me

were so loud, and they were talking about

dull normal shit, about grades, boys, Tinder

and Facebook.

they couldn’t decide to go to Miami or Vegas

for vacation,  they were so well-adjusted

to a sick society

and that made me feel coldly ill

then I take a look at this guy on the picture

a man in pure form, un corrupted by most things

I think he comes pretty close to being at one with existence

or the universe of whatever you wanna call it

he stares at me strangely serenely  manly eyes

it embarrasses me for a moment and then

it makes me think about what kinda counts,

not the conversation at Starbucks

this man could care less about a trip to Vegas


I’d Rather

File:Man sweeping front terrace of shop, Georgia Ave. and Girard St., NW, Washington, D.C LCCN2010641876.tif

id rather learn than wash a car

Id rather learn than go to a party

Id rather learn than sweep a floor

Id rather learn than driving around town

Id rather learn than go grocery shopping

Id rather learn than go to concert

id rather learn than watching a  good movie

Id rather learn than play video games

id rather learn than go to work

id rather learn than watch television

id  rather learn than listen to music

id rather learn than being around a crowd


The Box

File:Open cardboard box husky.png


Like there are a million boxes to chose from, millions of boxes to chose, yet most of us pick just one box

often times, we can only pick one box out of the millions of boxes

sometimes we don’t want anything except the one box

you can love your box and nourish it,

or you can despise your box, and try to find other one,

i try looking for different boxes, shapes and sizes

just about everyone is in one clique or tribe,

people rarely leave that clique or tribe,

they stay in that tight squezzing little box

rich,  poor

in the middle

they all have their little boxes

the rich they call the evil Illuminati

the middle they call normal

the poor are never called.

Cloudy Days


I’m the weirdo,

I like, even love the cloudy misty days,

and I live were we get alllll the seasons

the cloudy days are best for me,

and my overcast soul

Most people get depressed this time of year

but I am at my most content, because the

cloudy days,  Let me think

my fellow humans seem less active more

humble on days like this, less energetic,

less foolish, less of them parading around

all things that I love,

keep my days overcast

and don’t bring me your sunny hours

I don’t need those

I can love the Sun at a nice distance

away from me.

Don’t Mean Much to Me


The sixteen year old is getting their driver’s license

or is taking the exam that i flunked four times,

then they will go on a fake driving test.  People don’t drive like how they really drive with a state trooper sitting next to them.  LOL.

Most drive like assholes and break every rule, and act saintly just to pass a test

Well i past written and drivers test and someone handed me a piece of a paper

saying I “passed,”and it meant something to me then.  But it was bullshit

getting licenses and pieces of paper to do shit.

People jumping through dull foolish hoops over and over again

and feeling happy that they “passed”

as silly as a high school diploma, or a college degree, fork lift driving certification

some certification, an award from their peers

too many seek praise and acceptance from folks

but here comes rejection and being shitted on again,

not passing the test.

either way,

means very little to me

and please keep the pieces of paper actually

which means so little to me.

I’m Not Here


I’m the space cadet

I’m rarely in the moment

I think of things to myself

things most people probably don’t think

about, I obsess over.

I go into deep abysses of future,

i rarely go into the past, very little

is there and the moment can suck

most of the time,

what make a person stay in a dull moment?

we damned mortals are rarely satisfied

we rarely are the captain of our own boats

the ambiguous winds blow us to and fro

they are the captains of the ship, they are

the true masters controlling us.

The Universe

GOODS Chandra Deep Field-North.jpg

Nothing quite makes you think like the universe

nothing quite sparks your curiosity like the universe

nothing quite helps your creativity like thinking about

the universe

whatever it is

whatever you are

being all connected

or being disconnected

what life is?

what death is?

a myriad of stars

a myriad of life forms

a myriad of things that can be understood

a myriad of things that can be misunderstood

while gazing into the abyss


The Years

Nightly Rotation above San Jose International Airport.jpg



Have went by

I’m 39 now

a blur of people, faces and time and words

days  hours

moments you can barely recall, you remember things so

vivid at times

most of those years I felt like an alien,

someone who landed on the wrong planet of Life

the older I get the more I feel like I belong in

a fucked up world

whatever was pure is now lost

and i remained purer than most for longer

but years rain by

as lost time moves through lost


lost love through lost love

this Life