The Richest Man I’ve Met


Didn’t look rich,

like the rich you see on television,

No nice haircut, no nice shoes,  no fancy car

the dude was wearing overalls when I met him

people  would thought he was poor, high blue collar at most

but the man was damn millionaire, and he came from

a  family of millionaires that own a highly profitable farm

he could careless about what you thought him and his overralls

some making thirty thousand a year, probably had a nicer phone,

a nicer car, and nicer wardrobe

but that’s all bullshit and marketing and programming,

and making yourself feel special

but this man did not care,  and actually had money

it was no frauding

and everyone at the bar gave him his quiet respect

as he ate a smothered, pork chop when someone  whispered to me

that this man was very rich

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