Don’t Mean Much to Me


The sixteen year old is getting their driver’s license

or is taking the exam that i flunked four times,

then they will go on a fake driving test.  People don’t drive like how they really drive with a state trooper sitting next to them.  LOL.

Most drive like assholes and break every rule, and act saintly just to pass a test

Well i past written and drivers test and someone handed me a piece of a paper

saying I “passed,”and it meant something to me then.  But it was bullshit

getting licenses and pieces of paper to do shit.

People jumping through dull foolish hoops over and over again

and feeling happy that they “passed”

as silly as a high school diploma, or a college degree, fork lift driving certification

some certification, an award from their peers

too many seek praise and acceptance from folks

but here comes rejection and being shitted on again,

not passing the test.

either way,

means very little to me

and please keep the pieces of paper actually

which means so little to me.

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