Beach of Key West, Florida, USA4.jpg

Spending too much time on Instagram,

seems like everyone is a success and it starts to bother me,

because I am not successful for my own reasons,

but i should know that they only smile for the camera

that they only show the good sides of their lives

and the bad

I don’t get  people

I would rather show the bad sides of my life

and take the worse pictures

that’s more authentic to me

showing people the real you

but I am blind and crippled to the doors

of success at 39

I don’t have my shit together

and I feel like it will never happen

i care, but I write and create or


a  story of success in my head

that does not come true,

blah, that sounds like self pity

and that’s stupid

I have been brainwashed to believe in success

pitiful i am

for it doesn’t exist nor my blues either

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