One should make one’s love a big a possible.  Many problems come from making your love small.  When I say love, I should say goal or something that we strive for which is worth while.   And Love is certainly worthwhile. A love, which as big as existence itself, therefore will be hurt less by the stings of misfortune.  I think of a bee stinging a large body of a bear. Surely the sting could not hurt as much or as bad, as something being stung which way smaller. But when we attached ourselves to a single goal.  Things can go simply wrong, and we our left devastated.   Mere puzzle pieces on the ground.   People say that the world is filled with broken people.  They are often broken because of the Goal.  I say be goal less.  Or to be the goal.  Once you are the goal.  You will stop thriving and be.   And isn’t that the end of any striving or goal.  To just be.   The end, which is complete in itself.  Isn’t that what Osho means when he says,  “make your love so huge that it becomes love in itself.”   Love without suffering, heartache, thriving, and jealousy and confusion.   The love that is harmony not, opposing the mystery.