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Shit man,

some of my friends can just crank it out

whether it’s writing, poetry or music, it

keeps coming out

all they can think about

don’t get me wrong, a strong work ethic is good

for some, but sometimes

there is just other things to do

life gets in the way, and I can

always be at the computer

cranking the words out

there has to be a break from the

words, to make room for the silence

which moves in like a river


Meander Around

as my body and mind go

they meander around joyfully and play fully

I forget what time it is, what day it is?

important to me,

I can’t go through life with strong precision, purpose

I could, but that would be soft and dull

can’t love being a prisoner to a clock

many people are prisoners to clocks

and don’t seem to mind this

but if i’m not a prisoner to a clock,

those same people seem to notice me

and why I wonder?

my stride is as loose as my thoughts

you can always tell a lot about a person

by the way they walk

my walks are different, yet I love the loose walk

no point A to B from me,

more like A to Z, then B to Z to M and then to C

I meander and forget the spider legs of said time