Winter, Now

File:1500 block of 19th Street, N.W. - February 10, 2010 blizzard.JPG

gotta stop and think all the things that i am holding

on to.  this is a winter poem, cold and dark

with the hope of a Friday night

it’s hard to get to this point

hope in the winter time

the cold whiteness is a death in nature,

cold struggles with my your body,

my birthday is in winter, and Christmas is not far away

you can’t live, don’t wanna die, this moment

and the sky is pregnant with winter storms

what will happen in the future, what happened in the past

don’t matter now, there is this moment

should you bet the house at the crap table of the casino of life?

you know, really live while you are in your body?

right now, this urgent moment

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