File:Man sleeping on road at dhaka.jpg

i took a benedryl

and was knocked out for hours

in sleep

this sleep, dreamless at times

when I woke up, I thought it was

eight in the morning,

it was one in the after noon,

this Memorial day holiday


I did nothing except sleep mostly

no plans

no trips

no yoga

no exercise

or  TV

it felt good to me,

not to notice what time it is

except it was my time for a while

and the world dissolved for me

into blue smoke

for awhile

What Am I Doing?

forty years old and sitting on park bench

on Sunny summer evening

what am I doing sitting here, meditating?

I manage to forget the past

and the future

I somehow remember being a child in park

I don’t feel like the it was that long ago

or that I am somehow different now

I am not different really.

Except some events have happened to me

some things come to me, I don’t remember


I used to not believe in sin

I used to believe we were just dumb animals

doing stuff,

now I don’t know about that

but, somehow I want to cleanse myself

from everything that has ever happened

and return the saint

being not a virgin is very over rated thing

in the world at times.