The Mystery

The Mystery

Is something that can not be perceived through the senses. The unseen world we call it. The world that people image ghosts to inhabitat. And why a ghost one may say? Why not God? When I say god I can not imagine Man. It’s the puffy smoke that arises, and surround everything for me. Most men are ridiculous. And i feel ridiculous a lot. Yet we are drawn to mysteries and myths. I remember being drawn to mystery as a small child. It was difficult for me to sleep in my bed alone. I was always thinking of ghosts and imaging them. The thoughts of a ridiculous child. It’s fears and imagination. Can’t sleep i remember. The ghosts will frighten me or kill me. My head filled with horror and mystery I have seen on television and movies. Bad movies. Science can solve a great many mysteries, and I am a great believer it it. Though, the sciences can not expose everything. Progress moves forward. They are talking about building a colony on mars. I hope that happens.

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