What Is Within

File:Human skeleton front el.svg

Everything that you repress

that is with in,

all your anger, jealousy

hatred lust is buried with in

all the times someone hurt you

all the times some one wounded

you, that is with in

when rejected  you repressed it  when they

repressed you all that is within

and your body does not forget it

it can repress the thing, but never forget it

when, you see a person

in that way,  you start to understand them

and that is okay




so much of it


tricks games and lies

manipulation  “hacks”

everywhere are the clever people,

smart people

yet so few geniuses

but, the bullshitters are proud

of their games and bullshit

it overflows

and dumb naive me trying to

navigate the ocean waves of bullshit

by myself,

an impossible task.

it helps to get older

at twenty I didn’t have a clue,

just foolish and pure

now I try to play a  game

that I am not even in

but everyone has to learn the rules

of every game they play, don’t they?

or just cheat and make more rules

and shit more bull