Insult Me

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This dude worked for Boeing and was an engineer or something

and he bought me drinks and played video games at bar, we

were bar buddies, not too many people liked him.  And we were

both outsiders at the bar.  I remember him saying, “you know my job

is hiring Damion, we could always use another janitor.”   As if that would

be the only thing i would be qualified to be.  I thought it was funny and

interesting if he intended it to be an insult.  And deep down it was.  Something

was going on in his life to insult me.   And even though he worked for Boeing and

made a shit load of money he was not happy.  un happier than the shipping clerk

he wanted to insult, interestingly enough

Woke Up Missing

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This Easter

This writing might seem sentimental

But it is what is

Feeling dreamy and dead

And my grandma was in my dreams

As vivid as standing in front of me

As vivid as writing this poem now

This Easter. And I am not very religious

But i sit in bed this Sunday morning

Knowing she’s been dead ten years

At least. And is causing sadness

Sometimes the worst thing you

Can do is remember a dream

And try to make it real again

This sliced peared heart